There's a reason why the Great Pyramids have stood for so long: They are built to last. A solid base provides a secure foundation for the subsequent layers. Each new layer is built upon the previous layer until the entire structure is so solid it can withstand ages of wear and tear and still remain standing.

In a similar fashion, this marketing expert has found a way to build a marketing plan/program that will stand the test of time. It will work for you in good times and bad, in upturns and downturns. Through it all, the "Marketing Pyramid" is built to last.

Author Robyn Sachs demystifies marketing, breaking it down to its simplest steps and tactics. It will teach you to integrate the Marketing Pyramid (Plan) that will help you do more than just survive. This book will teach you how to thrive, in your business of choice, regardless of the economic climate.

"Great read... Robyn gives practical advice and I loved her common sense marketing tips... wish I had this book when I started my business 10 years ago!"
- Kathy Giacalone, The Corporate Nanny

"This book will benefit any Marketing manager or CEO/President. A primer for the professional and a straight forward "how to" for top management, you will learn what do, and more importantly, what not to do for best results."
- Jim Kenny, Sr. Vice President, Georgetown Consulting

"With every new product launch, creative promotion, or event, Robyn has always helped me to 'Market to the Max!' Her new book says it all!"
- Cliff Chiet, Publisher, The Gazette